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Vocal Pieces


I have written 3 anthem type songs designed to raise morale and focus on pride in achievement.  They have all been recorded at recording studios and so consequently can be rehearsed and performed with original backings.  However, I have also provided a piano backing to accompany them to. To hear a sample of the pieces and view a sample of the scores please click on the Zip File.

‘Everything Is Possible’, ‘In Your Life’ and ‘New Day’ can be performed in parts, unison or as a solo.

Piece 1: ‘Everything Is Possible’  A strong stoic song and as the title suggests, reflects that everything and anything is possible to achieve when you work hard and work together. The verse is a strong ‘hymnal melody followed by a catchy chorus section. There are intended unison sections, harmonies and a countermelody within the song all of which are optional.

Piece 2: ‘In Your Life’ This is a more reflective song which is based more on optimism and looking on the brighter side of life when life is difficult.  It is written in 2 parts with solo and unison possibilities as well as a counter melodic line.

Piece 3: ‘New Day’ An uplifting, happy song that has a Gospel feel about it which reflects on the positive side of life and achievement.  It has a series of catchy tunes that fit together which make it a very accessible part song appropriate for all singers including students at KS2.


Primary Songs

I have written 6 songs designed for Primary Schools. They are all arranged for part singing around repetitive chord progressions and are consequently easy to learn melodies. All the songs can be adapted for unison or only using some of the parts making them appropriate for both Key Stage 1 and 2. I have provided full scores as well as lyric sheets and piano/band backings to aid rehearsal. To hear and see samples of the pieces please click on the Zip File.

Piece 1: ‘A New Day’  An uplifting, happy song that has a Gospel feel about it which reflects on the positive side of life and achievement.  It has a series of catchy tunes that fit together which make it a very accessible part song particularly appropriate for the upper years at KS2.

Piece 2: ‘Africa Song’ is a rhythmic song with up to 5 different ostinato vocal lines sung at a moderate tempo, appropriate for Key Stage 2. It is very adaptable with 2 different backings to suit your own arrangement of the song. The lyrics reflect many features of geographical and physical Africa and would link to topics about Africa, the Pyramids or themes around the world.

Piece 3: ‘Arnold Splish’ has a laid back, lazy feel with nonsense words making it fun to learn. It is intended for key Stage 1 or 2 as it can be sung in unison, as well as in a 2 part or 4 part round.  There is a separate score with lyrics included and backings for the song. 

Piece 4: ‘Perfect Harmony’ is a jazzy, foot tapping song appropriate for Key Stage 2 linking well to themes such as ‘tolerance’, equality or well being. It is written in 2 parts or 3 parts but can be sung in unison too.

Piece 5: ‘Blows The Blues Away’  A very catchy, foot tapping song written in the 12 bar blues.  This is appropriate for KS2 and has the option of being sung in 2 or 3 parts.  Because the lyrics in the verse don’t change it makes it very easy to learn.

Piece 6 : ‘Makes You Happy’  A very catchy tune written in verse and chorus. This could be easily adapted for both KS1 and KS2: it can be sung in unison or with 2 other parts

'An exciting and different sounding piece'


Musical Director/Alto Saxophone, Honley Dance Orchestra

'The classes have helped to take an idea and turn it into a fully formed song'


'The pieces you write are really enjoyable to play and work really well'


Baritone Sax Player , Farnley Tyas Jazz Group

'Blow Away The Blues' has a great swing feel and catchy melody. A great way to introduce part singing and 12 bar blues classroom work, ideal for my Year 5s


Wakefield Music School

I thought JT Blues was a really catchy tune, not difficult to sight read and were very enjoyable to play for the first time. We will practice this and include playing it in our future gigs


Alto Sax, Nytebeat

'The song writing workshop was a really useful way to learn about techniques used in music'


'I enjoyed playing the new pieces and thought they would be a good inclusion in our March dance gig'

Tony W

Ten Sax, Nytebeat

'Makes You Happy' would be lovely for younger children using one part or more


Wakefield Music School

Really good tune .... we really enjoy playing something that's different


Ten Sax, Farnley Tyas Jazz Group

'My son has really enjoyed attending the song writing workshop and now feels much more confident when he plays in his own rock band'


‘An explosion of Afro beats and catchy melodies, Jerry Moore’s ‘Africa’ keeps toes tapping and provides a refreshing contrast to our big band set’.


Musical Director/Alto Saxophone, Honley Dance Orchestra

'New Day' would make an effective end of term song, particularly for Year 6 with its positive message


Wakefield Music School


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