Volume 1 – ‘All 4 Pieces’ for Jazz Band




‘Africa’, ‘Roll With It’, ‘Chilli Jam’ and ‘JT Blues’ are 4 Jazz pieces written during 2016 for Intermediate and above Jazz ensembles.  Each piece has parts for Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, optional Baritone Saxophone, Trombone and Rhythm Section.

Piece 1: ‘Africa’  This was written in the style reminiscent to the African Jazz pioneers of the 1950’s with recurring chord patterns and catchy rhythmic melodies.  This is a fast moving piece that sounds ‘happy and uplifting’.  It is a good piece for bands starting out as there are many unison sections, ideal to involve all performers, as well as solo sections.

score sample of AFRICA- Full Score


Piece 2: ‘Roll With It’.  This is a bluesy number of moderate tempo which features a catchy main melody and incorporates unison and counter melodic playing as well as solo sections.

score sample of ‘ROLL WITH IT’ – full score


Piece 3: ‘Chilli Jam’.  A fast moving piece that is uplifting in character.  The main melody is played in unison and in harmonies with a funky backing section which accompany the solos.  Watch out for the unusual phrase lengths and key change!.

score sample of CHILLI JAM – Full Score


Piece 4: ‘JT Blues’. This groovy number is written in a 12 bar blues structure and incorporates a rhythmic riff line, strong harmonies, much unison playing as well as solo sections with scope of adding your own improvisation into the backing section!!

score sample of ‘JT BLUES’ – Full Score