Volume 2 – ‘All 4 Pieces’ (Jazz Band)




‘Swing-tone’, ‘Ballad For John’, ‘Boss The Funk’ and ‘Rock Your Socks’ are 4 Jazz pieces written during 2017 for Intermediate and above Jazz ensembles.  Each piece has parts for Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, optional Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Rhythm Section.

Piece 1: ‘Swing-tone’  This piece was inspired by 1940s swing music.  The cheeky tune in the opening is written above a walking bass line.  However, the music moves into a more funky section giving it a more modern feel.

score sample of SWING-TONE – Full score


Piece 2: ‘Ballad For John’.  This features a more expressive melodic line (song like) accompanied by luscious harmonies. Each of the instruments in the horn section take over the melodic material which develops into an uplifting ‘chorus’ section

score sample of ‘BALLAD FOR JOHN’  – Full Score


Piece 3: ‘Boss The Funk’.  This starts with a cool Bossa Nova but develops into a more funky backing section featuring solos and riff ideas.

score sample of ‘BOSS THE FUNK’ – Full Score


Piece 4: ‘Rock Your Socks’. As the title suggests is a more rocky piece of music featuring a strong main motif as well as a backing and solo section.

score sample of ROCK YOUR SOCKS – Full Score