Volume 3 – ‘All 4 Pieces’ (Jazz Band)




‘Not This Time’ for Jazz Band, ‘Aileen’ for Jazz Band, ‘Pigeon Blues’ for Jazz Band and ‘Off The Peg’ for Jazz Band are 4 Jazz Band styled pieces written during 2019 for Intermediate and above ensembles.  Each piece has parts for Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet,  Trombone and Rhythm Section.

Piece 1: ‘Not This Time’  This piece is a fast, foot tapping number with a boogie Woogie styled backing section featuring multiple solos.

score sample ‘NOT THIS TIME’ – For Jazz Band


Piece 2: ‘Aileen’.  This is a ballad styled piece where the 2 sections contrast with a change of key.  It features an expressive melodic line, luscious harmonies and many overlapping solo lines.

score sample of ‘AILEEN’ – for Jazz Band


Piece 3: ‘Pigeon Blues’.  This is a quirky, fun, 12 bar blues piece.  After the catchy main theme there are a series of backing riffs accompanying solos.

score sample of ‘PIGEON BLUES’ – for Jazz Band – Full Score


Piece 4: ‘Off The Peg’. This has a catchy and memorable swing styled main tune which is followed by a more funky backing section accompanying solo lines.

Score sample of OFF THE PEG – for Jazz Band