Volume 3 – ‘All 4 Pieces’ (Big Band)




‘Not This Time’ for Big Band, ‘Aileen’ for Big Band, ‘Pigeon Blues’ for Big Band and ‘Off The Peg’ for Big Band are 4 Big Band styled pieces written during 2019 for Intermediate and above jazz ensembles.  Each piece has parts for Alto Saxophone 1, Alto Saxophone 2, Tenor Saxophone 1, Tenor Saxophone 2, optional Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trombone 1, Trombone 2 and Rhythm Section.

Piece 1: ‘Not This Time’  This piece is a fast, foot tapping number with a boogie Woogie styled backing section featuring multiple solos.

score sample of ‘NOT THIS TIME’ – BIG BAND


Piece 2: ‘Aileen’.  This is a ballad styled piece where the 2 sections contrast with a change of key.  It features an expressive melodic line, luscious harmonies and many overlapping solo lines.

score sample of ‘AILEEN’ – BIG BAND


Piece 3: ‘Pigeon Blues’.  This is a quirky, fun, 12 bar blues piece.  After the catchy main theme there are a series of backing riffs accompanying solos.

score sample of ‘PIGEON BLUES’ – BIG BAND


Piece 4: ‘Off The Peg’. This has a catchy and memorable swing styled main tune which is followed by a more funky backing section accompanying solo lines.

score sample of ‘OFF THE PEG’ – BIG BAND